What our Customers say...


This team was fantastic! Each and every one of them was courteous and friendly and they all worked very well together to get our mess taken care of quickly! 

Thank you so much for your care, it's so good to be home and that wouldn't be possible without your team! 

We recently had a fire sprinkler head freeze and explode at our office. Nothing can really prepare you for such an event and the amount of water. Luckliy we had Matthew Minshal arrive from SERVPRO of Olathe. We are so grateful for SERVPRO of Blue Valley

Thor was so great to work with! I have never had a burst pipe but this has been one of the coldest months in Kansas and we are so glad SERVPRO was there when we needed them. 

We are forever changed by this experience with our fire. We realized what is most important in life – family and friends and found new friends in your team who took care of us throughout this stressful process. Thank you all so much!

We had a flood in our basement and the crew pulled up the carpet, brought in big fans (air movers) and then packed up the items for removal to SERVPRO of Blue Valley’s warehouse in Olathe. There was not a day the I didn’t have the project manager calling me, or coming by the house, even with it being over a holiday weekend. We were provided with constant updates as to what and when the contractor would be calling and what their part in the process would entail.

They were so great to work with, they worked with out time constraints and schedule to ensure everything was cleaned up, and we didn't have to cancel any of our classes! Thank you so much SERVPRO! 

We had an unexpected flood happen TWICE! SERVPRO was the first company we called! They were amazing to work with from start to finish. 

SERVPRO came in with a giant truck and huge fans, they brought them into the apartment complex we had been staying in on the first floor. We woke up to 2 inches of water in our bedroom and it quickly spread throughout our entire space. They were onsite within an hour extracting the water and getting us dried out! 

These guys are so great :) they are still on site helping with the clean up from the July 27th floods with Indian creek and Tomahawk creek. The definitely have the team for any job! 

I was very impressed with the respect and care that everyone from SERVPRO treated me with.  Thank you so much!

They did an outstanding job and I would recommend them to anyone. Thomas and Kody were amazing! Above and beyond!

I remember that young gentleman was as excited as we were to find my mother and my wedding dresses; they were unharmed from the fire - it was a moment for all of us! This team became part of our family. 

Thank you more than words for sending these gentlemen to my house to make things right! 

Thank you to Josh and the whole crew who did their best to avoid disrupting our household and clean up as they went. They even wiped down my front door before they left!

The clean up crew was very quick, professional, and detailed. They did a very good job. Thank you!

They were great! Very prompt and did a great job!

Everyone was on time, went about the work with quiet professionalism, and left us confident with the process.

All were upbeat and made me forget my house drama. It was like having good friends helping me out.