Recent Before & After Photos

How do I make sure my floor is dry?

If your home or business in Stilwell, KS experiences a water loss, it is important to call a water restoration specialist that knows what they are doing. In thi... READ MORE

Kitchen Water Damage

Pictured is damaged wood floors after a residential water loss and our drying equipment put in place. When it comes to water damage, it is crucial to get an exp... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Action

SERVPRO of Blue Valley recently completed a large mold remediation. Mold can be very harmful and dangerous if it is not properly taken care of. In some cases, m... READ MORE

Why We Use Thermal Cameras

Water never finds a convenient place to dry! The most stubborn water can most commonly be found behind drywall and underneath cabinets. To help us properly loca... READ MORE

Mold Discovery in Local Home

Our SERVPRO of Blue Valley team received a call a few days ago from a local family that thought they might have mold in their home. We sent out some of our team... READ MORE

Cleaning Your Valuables After a Fire

Cleaning up after a fire doesn’t always mean rebuilding and smoke cleaning. A home is full of valuable objects and memories that also needs to be taken ca... READ MORE

Why We Use Drying Equipment

SERVPRO of Bue Valley was called in to help after this home had experienced a water loss that led to the ceiling collapsing. There are many questions surroundin... READ MORE

Addressing Damaged Wall After Flooding From Water Loss

We were brought to this home to clean up and repair the damage after a broken pipe flooded this area. We used thermal imaging to help assess the extent of the d... READ MORE

Finding Moisture After Storm Loss

The roof of this home had been damaged by storms allowing rain to enter and damage the ceiling. Some of the damage could be easily seen, however not all of it c... READ MORE

Coming Home To A Surprise

It's the last thing you expect when you leave for vacation. However, a water loss can happen quickly and lead to mold before you get back home. Moisture that is... READ MORE